Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Level 8


Carasso knock,knock The Chamber of Virtue Jump and run Inscription Garamon's bones Ghoul Loot RIP The Slasher of Veils Shrine Golem Ring of Mana Regeneration Ring of Regeneration

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Things you must do

  • Get Garamon's bones and bury them properly in his grave in level 5. Left-click his bones and then right-click the tombstone to do so. Then talk to Garamon. He will work out a plan how to defeat the Slasher of Veils. If he asks for a source which must be as pure as possible answer (other...) Talismans. If he asks for a source of power that can be released by applying the energy of the Talismans answer (other...) Lava.
  • Make haste back to level 8 and visit the Chamber of Virtue. You need the Tripartite Key to open the door to this chamber. Notice the awesome big red demon trapped by magical chains. This is the Slasher of Veils - your final opponent. Cast all eight talismans into the lava. You will be hurled to another plane of existence. There are three paths of different color which lead to unknown locations. Look back - the Slasher of Veils has entered this plane too and is hard on your heels already. Remember what you saw inside the orb at level 1. So follow the green path and run like hell until the way ends by a green gate. Jump through the gate and watch the final sequence. Congratulations! You just won the game!

Things you should do

  • Visit Carasso,he is trapped in a cell which is closed by a locked door. There is no key that fits this door,so smash the door with your fist or cast a open spell. Be sure to have some food with you because Carasso is nearly starving. The outcast will tell you something about the location of Garamon's bones. He will also give you a key (CK) which opens a locked door. Behind the door a path leads to the Chamber of Virtue. If you don't own the dragon boots you should follow this path. But be forewarned, here are many nasty monsters lurking around the next corner.

Things you can do

  • Can you find the strange inscription in the north of this level? This is a reminisce about the Wing Commander series.
  • Collect the magic items of this level.


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