Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Level 1


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For further information and screenshots explore the map with the cursor. Be careful - even unmarked areas could be sensitive. Please close every little pop up browser window before you initiate a new one.


This is the starting level where you will get your basic equipment. You have to talk with many people, some of them are not human and look fearsome and spine-chilling but they are not hostile by all means. Learn about the Stygian Abyss, its history and its population.


  • Outcasts (human, friendly)
  • Gray Goblins (friendly (most of them))
  • Green Goblins (friendly (most of them))
  • Giant Rats (hostile)
  • Bats (friendly (most of them))
  • Rotworms (hostile)
  • Giant Spiders (hostile)
  • Lurkers (hostile (most of them))
  • an Imp (hostile)
  • a Skeleton (hostile)
  • Slugs (hostile)

Things you must do

  • Pick up the bag (B1) near the entrance. The bag's most important item is the map. The game automatically updates this map as you move about the Abyss. The bag contains your first simple weapon and also some food.
  • You need the rune bag and the runes in order to cast spells. The rune bag is along with some rune stones in the pack (B3) west of the entrance. Don't forget to pick up the two rune stones from the floor. The pack contains also a red key which is an important item. It will open half of the locked doors of Level 1. These doors are marked with RK on the map.
  • The stone key (I17) will unlock the other half. You'll find it in the southeast. Doors this key will open are marked with SK.
  • Get the bedroll from Bragit's room. You need it to sleep more comfortably (which will restore more vitality points).
  • Talk to Lanugo (green goblin) and receive his recipe for rotworm stew. Take care not to lose the recipe, you will need it later and it's very hard to win the game without it.
  • Kill Navrey Night-Eyes the wolf spider. Make sure to pick up some of the strong thread in her cave. You will need the thread later and it's very hard to win the game without it.

Things you should do

  • Talk to Bragit, he will show you the way to the outcasts.
  • Talk to Hagbard, he is the leader of the outcasts.
  • Talk to Vernix the green goblin king. But be more than polite (in fact you must be slimy) or he will cancel his audience immediately. He knows a lot about the Stygian Abyss and its inhabitants. Vernix will give you a first hint about Sir Cabirus's eight talismans.
  • Visit the shrine in the ankh shaped cavern to increase your skills. Examine the walls carefully, you'll find some mantras here you need for chanting too.
  • There is a magic healing fountain behind a secret door in the very north.

Things you can do

  • Solve the lever puzzle and visit Korianous' grave. The levers are for controlling the platforms' height. These platforms are building a staircase to further platforms on the wall. Unfortunately the staircase is climbing into the wrong direction. Just reverse the initial position of the levers and you are able to visit the tomb of the Stygian Abyss master builder.
  • Speak with Jaacar the gray goblin. He will tell you something about the dangerous privy of the gray goblins . The knowledge about this lavatory could open an alternate way to the next level.
  • Defeat the skeleton south of Korianous' final resting-place and earn a servicable chain cowl.


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