Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Talismans


The Avatar must collect 8 special items, the talismans of Sir Cabirus, in order to defeat the Slasher of Veils.


Talisman How to get Location / Map
Taper of Sacrifice Zak owns the taper. Trade for food or more lights. L3:7
Standard of Honor Kill Roderick the Chaos Knight and talk to Dorna Ironfist about this deed. L4:8
Sword of Justice L3: Drain pond in southeast (blade), L5: gain haft from the tombs. Shak (L2) will fix the sword. L3:23, L5:5
Ring of Humility Kill Gazer in L2 and give your reward, the gem cutter of Coulness to Derek in L4. He will tell you how to find the ring. L5:20
Shield of Valor Defeat the golem and he will give you the shield. L6:15
Book of Honesty Deliver Bronus' book to his fellow mage Morlock. Morlock will give you a hint which guides to the Book of Honesty. L6:28
Wine of Compassion Free Dr. Owls mute servant Murgo (L3) and he will give you the directions to the Wine. L6:34
Cup of Wonder Kill gazer and play Mardin's Song of Wonder on the flute to get the Cup of Wonder L3:21














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