Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Spells


Locations of Spells

The Avatar can learn several undocumented spells during his stay in the Stygian Abyss. Below is a list of what they are and where they can be learned.

Spell Name Runes Location
Amageddon Vas Kal Corp Vas Kal Corp L4: taught by a whisp (northwestern staircase area)
Curse An Sanct An Sanct L4: hint on scroll in the chasm (B1)
Jump Uus Por Uus Por L1: on scroll in the imp chamber in the southeast
Monster Summoning Kal Mani Kal Mani L6: in Box (B3)
Sheet Lightning Vas Ort Grav Vas Ort Grav L6: from Talking Door (31)
Smite Undead An Corp Mani An Corp Mani L5: on ledge southwest from the center (15)
Thick Skin In Sanct In Sanct L2: on a scroll in the room with the orb behind the portcullis
Water Walk Ylem Por Ylem Por L3: on scroll from Iss'leek (17) (after red gem presentation)














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