Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Mantras


Locations of Mantras

The Avatar must learn several mantras during his stay in the Stygian Abyss to increase his skills. Below is a list of all known mantras.

Skill Mantra Location
Acrobat FAL L3: in book at (21)
Appraise HUNN L2: on scroll at (19)
Attack RA L2: on scroll at (16)
Attack skills SUMM RA L1: on plaque in shrine room
Axe GAR L4: taught by Kyle (6)
Casting SOL L6: book in the library (I3..13)
Charm UN L2: on scroll at (17)
Defense ANRA L3: on plaque at (15)
Lore LAHN L5: tombs / I5..6
Mace KOH L4: taught by Cecil (7)
Mana IMU L6: on scroll / I30
Magic skills MU AHM L1: on plaque in shrine room
Other skills OM CAH L1: on plaque in shrine room
Picklock AAM L5: Book in (B4)
Missile FAHM L4: taught by Meredith (8)
Repair LON L2: taught by Shak (12)
Search LU L2: on scroll at (13)
Sneak MUL L5: Book (I26..28)
Swimming ONO L3: on scroll at (7) in Zak's chamber
Sword AMO L4: taught by Doris (6)
Track SAHF L3: in book at (12)
Traps ROMM L5: book in (B2)
Unarmed ORA L3: on plaque at (8)
Object Mantra Location
Cup of Wonder INSAHN See The Cup of Wonder
Key of Truth FANLO See The Tripartite Key


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